What is special in my pendulums.                                          Latest change 2017-08-31
In brief:
What makes my pendulums different from most others.

Where in most (museum) pendulums all technique and details of the construction are hidden from the public, I plan to show as much of the techniques involved. Either directely if you stand before it or on displays surroundig the setup, or on this accompanying website.

Contrary to this I must admit and regret that the pendulums at my home and in the Vrijland Chapel can only be visited on appointment.

My pendulums are equiped with quite some electronics to control and monitor their behaviour.
Times of passing the center coil and the rimcoil will be logged. The movements of the pendulums are measured some 10 times per second in both North-South and East-West direction. From this the precession, the amplitude and the amount of ellipse are calculated.
Log files of this will become available.
At a later stage of the project all the timing will be related to extremely precise clock signals from the Time Transmitter DCF77 in Germany.

All constructional details of my pendulums will be published on this website.